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Yeats Music Guest Mix: DR.K vs. DJ Nii


Guest DJ’s: DR.K vs. DJ Nii



Khaled A.Rahman AKA (Dr. K) (Dance 4 Life Ambassador ) He chose entertainment and DJING as a career & worked in companies related to what he chose, in the age of 21 he started performing in very successful events. He started DJing…. 1987. In 1999 he made his 1st production, MY XTACY followed by Scream then many more, in 2000 he won the title of The Millennium DJ by the Egyptian Satellite media channels in Egypt. He and his professional team succeeded to organize great events such as….. Tiesto, Nadia Ali & Jes – Sharm El Sheikh 2007, Renaissance for Two times in Cairo & Alexandria, Judge Jules at the Pyramids, Sander Kleinenberg three times in Cairo, Matt Darrey, Anthony Pappa, Simone Gigante, Jacopo, Scott Bond, Sultan & Desyn maseillo, Ton Depth, Wally Lopez, Nigel Dawson, Roger Sanchez, Sharam of Deep Dish. Also He won the title of the Best DJ in Egypt by Future TV – Lebanon & Nile TV In 2004 & in 2005 he won it again by Orbit TV. He organized and played along with The Most Wanted DJS (Deep Dish) for the first time in Egypt; in 2005 he was the director of production and technical for Heineken Thirst Final event with DJ Roger Sanchez & DJ sander Kleinenberg at the Pyramids. 2006 he started hitting internationally beginning with a tour at Moscow 2006, he performed in the opening of Club Renaissance – Moscow that gathered Moscow clubbers, the gig was transmitted live into Russia Radio Famous FM Stations (Mega Polise FM –Night party FM) & was interviewed by Smile TV in Moscow. In the present time he created the Trio of Dr. K & Nii Vs. SHIHA, producing and remixing for artists such as Calinte & Salinas, Chris Cargo, Ritmo playaz…

DJ Nii:
Name: Ahmed Tawfik. Dj Nii is an Egyptian DJ born in Egypt. 1997 started when he got interested in music so he got lessons playing regular guitar then one of his friends discovered his love of music & he taught him how to spin, 1999 He was inspired by Junior Vasquez and Victor Calderone music, 2003 He started playing in different places like Cancun Beach in North Coast and the music style was a blend of Ambient, Chill out & Chill house music, 2003 he started playing at High Heels club at Nile Hilton hotel, 2004 he started spinning at Club Latex & since then he got into his professional carrier and gained his own way and style of mixing techniques. 2007 the mixture between house music & his love playing guitar made him start doing guitar samples to be mixed live with the house tracks. His music style is a blend of Deep, Electro & Progressive house. DJ Nii played alongside with some of the famous DJs such as: Tiesto, Jes, DJ Dr. K, Nadia Ali, John Creamer, Simone Gigante, Jacopo, Sultan. In the present time he created the Trio of Dr. K & Nii Vs. SHIHA, producing and remixing for artists such as Calinte & Salinas, Chris Cargo, Ritmo playaz …